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User Synchronisation is the process by which Swivel is Importing users from External Sources being called the Repository (data source) into the data store (database). Swivel can import from multiple data sources of differing types.

Configuring Automatic User Synchronisation

On the Swivel Administration console, select Repository then the required Repository name. From the Repository options select Synchronization schedule and set the repository to a suitable schedule. It is recommended to set the synchronisation to oncer per hour, but never less than 15 minute intervals.

If an A/A appliance or Swivel cluster is being configured for synchronisation by multiple servers, then it is important that each appliance is configured exactly the same except for the time of synchronisation must be different on each instance. Failure to configure both appliances correctly can lead to repeated emails sent to users.

Manual User Synchronisation

If an immediate synchronisatin is required then select from the Swivel Administration console User Administration, then the required repository name and then click on the User Sync button. If the User Synchronisation is currently running then it will show a message to indicate this. For HA Swivel appliances ensure that each appliance is configured exactly the same.

Sync Count (Test Sync)

Introduced in Swivel version 3.10.2 The Sync Count button will show in the log the results of a synchronisation without syncing any data.

Example of a XML repository synchronisation:

‎ Refreshing the XML repository. ‎ Number of moved users is: 0 ‎ Number of deleted users is: 3 ‎ Number of duplicated users: 2 ‎ Number of users to be created: 0 ‎ The number of users that are either moved or deleted:0 ‎ Processing existing Users in repository XML ‎ User Sync started for repository XML.


User sync stops working

User sync button not available

Security Strings Resent