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TURing image is not displayed


Swivel 3.x


The TURing image is not visible to the user


Check the Swivel logs, the client logs and the logs for the device being connected to.

1. Is the Swivel Administration Console also absent, see Swivel does not start

2. Check Tomcat is running on the Swivel server or virtual or hardware appliance, see Tomcat problems

3. Is there a session Start message for that user in the swivel logs?

4. Check that the required port is available, netstat -an (port may be listed as webcache)

5. Check local host firewall is not blocking access

6. Check Network device such as firewall is not blocking acess

7. Is the Swivel server or virtual or hardware appliance routable

8. Is a public NAT required

9. Is a hostname or IP address used, is the DNS entry correct

10. Is a local proxy blocking access

11. Clear the local browser cache

12. Does the Turing require a randomised number to generate a unique URL

13. Is the browser blocking self signed certificates, has the certificate expired, is the certificate not recognised the the CA, is the certificate issued to the correct hostname? See also SSL Solutions

14. Is the browser blocking http access from an https redirected login page (for IE see [1])

15. Is the URL correct

16. Is it possible to generate a single channel image from inside or outside the network by directly requesting it:

17. Are animated images being used with older versions of java, try without the animated images.

18. Are file permissions and ownerships incorrect Permissions and Ownership.

19. If using Internet Explorer 9, test with compatibility mode enabled

For a virtual or hardware appliance

https://<IP ADDRESS>:8443/proxy/SCImage?username=test

For a software install

http://<IP ADDRESS>:8080/pinsafe/SCImage?username=test

If a red cross is visible where the image should be, then clicking on the red cross and then properties can give further information. Pass this information to Swivel Secure support for troubleshooting.

Error Messages

RADIUS: <0> Access-Request(1) LEN= Access Request by username Failed: AccessRejectException: AGENT_ERROR_NO_SECURITY_STRINGS

This can be seen where a user is attempting a single channel authentication, but the single channel request has not reached Swivel.