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Getting Started

The following link gives a step by step guide to a Swivel installation, covering the following steps: Information gathering, deployment considerations, Installation Options and configuring Swivel (both the CMI and Administration Console).

Getting Started <== START HERE

Installing Swivel

Installing Swivel Appliances

If you have recently purchased a Virtual or Physical appliance please see our Appliance article, which contains links to downloadable PDFs and related articles. Also see:

Getting Started Basic CMI configuration


Installing a license key

Upgrading Swivel

Upgrading Swivel Appliances

For virtual or hardware appliances refer to the Downloads.

Also see the Full Guide on How to Upgrade an Appliance and Swivel.

Swivel Evaluation

Please see our Swivel Evaluation page on our main website for information on how to arrange an evaluation. For the latest version of Swivel software see Downloads.

Swivel Installation Testing

Testing PINsafe Installations

Operations Guides

The following guides are available for Swivel tasks.

Helpdesk Operations User Guide

End User Guides

The following User Guides are available for use by End Users.

PINsafe User Guide for PIN extraction

ChangePIN User Guide for users to change their PIN numbers

ResetPIN User Guide to recover from a lost or forgotten PIN

Taskbar User Guide to use the Taskbar application

PositiveID User Guide to use Positive ID Authentication

Windows Credential Provider User Guide for Windows Vista, Windows 7, 2008 Server

Windows GINA login User Guide for Windows 2000, 2003, XP