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This page will include links to solutions, to common issues.

Solution Template

A Solution Template is available on which to base new solutions. This provides a consistent framework for contributors to work to.


Administration login Commonly encountered login problems

Administration console timeout

Auto Reset manually disabling

Backup Appliance

Backup PINsafe on a Active/Active appliance

Backup PINsafe on a Active/Passive appliance

Backup PINsafe on a Software Only Install

Copies of PINsafe in Webapps folder

Copy a backup file from a PINsafe Appliance

Demo Support

Dual Channel Confirmed Message

Duplicate Names

Image from PINsafe server absent

Installing a license key

Lock File

Log Timestamp Format

Message Queue Removal

Mobile Phone Client RADIUS Authentication

MySQL Removing and Creating a database

MySQL permissions

MySQL Database Export and Import

NTP servers

Permissions and Ownership

Proxy Server Settings for Tomcat

RADIUS error AGENT_ERROR_BAD_OTC or Failed Validation

RADIUS error Badly formed Attribute Block

RADIUS error Does not have a NAS entry

RADIUS Duplicate packet from NAS


RADIUS server failed to start

RADIUS Testing

Reboot Appliance

Removing Excess Repositories

Recovering admin console access

Recovering admin console access by promoting a user to admin

Resolving Security String Issues

Restart Tomcat

Security Strings Resent

SMTP solutions

SMS Timeout

Startup PINsafe log messages

Shutdown PINsafe log messages

Split DNS for External and Internal Access

Tomcat 6 SSL

Tomcat stops after logout out of CMI

Trusted Domains in Active Directory

Windows GINA locked out regaining access

VPN login troubleshooting