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symptoms with the solutions, to common issues.

A Symptoms Template

A Symptoms Template is available on which to base new solutions. This provides a consistent framework for contributors to work to.


Active Directory users are not synching

Additional messages sent

Admin user missing

Agent and NAS entries incorrectly displayed


Appliance Disk full

Appliance will not boot

Backups not being made on appliance

Backups take a long time on appliance

BUTton Image reverts back to TURing Image

Cannot add PINsafe users

Cannot login to PINsafe admin console

Case Sensitive Username

ChangePIN fails for user

Email Address does not change for user

Email loses carriage returns

Email Messages not sent

Email of account details regularly resent

Email or SMS with security string unexpectedly received


GINA fails to display image

GSM Modem problems

Heartbeat issues

HTTP Status 500

Inactive Account

iPhone authentication fails

Internet Explorer will not login to Webmin

Java Class problems

LDAP browser problems

Locked Account Issues

Locked Account Messages not sent

Log view error

Mobile client login failure

No alert transport attribute found for user

No transport defined for user

NTP Settings are not saved

On Demand Delivery problems

Password Reset greyed out

Password reset reminder error

Phone Number Format incorrect

PIN numbers resent or periodically resent to users

PINsafe Administration Console Absent

PINsafe license contains an error

PINsafe upgrade fails on MySQL appliance

Purge does not work

Purge and Undelete buttons greyed out

RADIUS problems

Red Cross instead of TURing or other image

Reset PIN Option greyed out

Security Strings are not being sent

Security Strings regularly resent

Security String missing place holder 1234567890

Send Errors cannot be set

Send String button missing

SMS messages are not being sent

Swivel does not start

Swivlet login failure

Time incorrect

Tomcat problems

Transports absent after upgrade

Transport Attribute nil attribute but is not nillable

Transport fails after upgrade

Transport method already used

Transport problems

Transport Queue Locked

Turing Image absent

Turing Image slow

User does not have an associated alert transport

User login fails

User Missing or repositories not displaying users correctly

User Sync Button is not displayed or greyed out

User view limited to 1000

VGA port does not work

View Strings security string invalid

VIP problem